Finally! GOG Galaxy is on the loose!

Was about time.

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Short computer stories: The “SHIFT” of power

Welcome to the new micro column “STS” where I plan to release short, but effective computer tips.

Today, I am introducing some Hidden Power (not the Pokémon move one!) of the shift key. Here are some neat combos within Windows, but they might held effects on Linuxes (Lini?) as well :

  • If you hold Shift while already having an instance open of an application located in your quickstart bar you can start it in a second (…third…) instance with one click. You can also open applications from the bar by pressing [Windows] + [Number], adding shift to the combo opens a new instance of that application.
  • If you hold Shift while you are in the Windows Explorer you can open a new location in a new window (for instance, from the quicknav slide on the left). This might also work with other applications, such as shift-clicking a link in Firefox.
  • Sure, it isn’t shift, but nonetheless: If you enjoy alt-tabbing while having a lot of windows open you might want to try out ctrl-alt-tab, which “freezes” the window overview and allows you to select a window with with your mouse.
  • On the same matter, you can press shift-alt-tab to cycle the applications backwards.
  • While it is known commonly that ctrl  – alt – del opens the taskmanager in Windows pre-Vista, ctrl – shift – esc (!) opens the task manager post that system.
  • If you add Shift to del when attempting to remove a while it will result in the file being removed from your computer instead of being moved to the recycle bin.
  • You can add Shift-button to right-clicks to get more options in the context menu of the Windows Explorer.

Humble Card Game Bundle + free HB giveaway


A new Humble Bundle is out, featuring card games (duh!)!

It includes games such as expansions for the online version of Dominon (base game is free) as well as the Magic: The Gathering game Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers.

To make things even better, you can get a free and DRM-free version of the games Card City Nights and Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space.

Speaking for me personally, I will get this bundle, although I am not sure yet which package. I love playing Dominion on my Real Life and sometimes online as well, although I didn’t buy anything digital of it yet. I enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering in my Real Life as well, so I will take at least a look at the digital version even though the critics for that game is so-so.

Bonus: Theme Hospital for free on Origin.

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Rumor mill: Possibly a new FreeSpace?

(From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

THQ got bankrupt “recently”. The old intellectual property was split and sold to a number of buyers.

Interplay, the old publisher from FreeSpace 1 & 2 purchased the IP back on the occasion for 7,500 U$D. [source, roughly 1.5 years old]

The question rises why Interplay bought the trademark back. It could mean they plan – or at least don’t rule out – a new Freespace game. But it also just could mean they bought it “just in case” or for distributing/selling purposes of the old games.

[LoL]ungle Items – Short guide on what and when to pick (by OuterRaven)

Hello guys!

For a few weeks the pre-season 5 is ongoing, but do you still have problems with the jungle itemization? Here is a guide by the Reign of Gaming member OuterRaven (a Diamond soloQ player):

Now that all the jungle items are more or less balanced (aka Ranger’s Trailblazer is no longer the best choice 95% of the time), I see a lot of people not knowing what jungle item to pick and most of the time picking the wrong one.

 This is a short guide that will hopefully help less experienced junglers understand what is best on each situation and help them make the right choice, since all the items are situational and, unlike the enchantments, not champion dependent. Let’s get started.


Stalker’s Blade: Chilling Smite – Smite can be cast on enemy champions, dealing reduced true damage and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds.

Pros: Increases gank potential of all junglers by a fair amount, but most importantly, ENABLES junglers with little to no ganking tools (like Shyvana and Master Yi) to be able to pull off decent ganks or even stronger counter-ganks.

Cons: Using smite on a champion means you won’t have it for 60 seconds when you go back into the jungle or to contest dragon/baron, making it possible to set you back if the gank doesn’t result in anything worthwhile.

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So the Far Cry 4 price politics look like a huge rip-off.


Follow-up on the bottom of the article.

I just stumbled upon Far Cry 4 in the steam store (

It costs 60 €, that’s the usual price for a new game. While I don’t think it is necessary for new games to be that expensive, it it is “fine”.

HOWEVER. The game isn’t out for 2 days yet. And you can already purchase a “Season Pass” for 30 €. (Or alternatively, you can get both the game and the pass in “Far Cry 4 Gold” for 90 €). To my knowledge, a Season Pass allows you to get all DLCs (Download Contents) for free. Now 90 € can be way more considered a rip-off than the initial 60 €.

Why is the Season Pass actually an issue?

It means Ubisoft had more features and content finished for the game, esp. considering there are Day One DLCs – which means they got released at the same time as the game. They got streamed off the game to make bonus bucks, which doesn’t really show respect to the players and customers. The honest buyers will just feel cheated and treated unfair, while pirates still can…pirate the game. If you are a legit customer, you might feel stupid for paying for either a) a not-fully released game (if you bought only the basics) or b) Ripped-off for content which should be already in the original game.

There are publishers who did this way better. To put an example, take CD Project Red, the developer of The Witcher series. They developed an Enhanced Edition themselves after some time the game got sold which included many overhauls and features, incl. a few new quests. THIS is how you want to treat customers.

That aside, I really hate Uplay, and if you get FC4 soon, I won’t wonder if you aren’t able to play because the Uplay servers are crashing and not able to handle all the registrations. Happened often enough in the past to not trust Ubisoft on this matter anymore.

What do you guys think about the whole DLC pricing?


A friend of me reminded/showed me of that the Ubisoft CEO said (in 2012) that up to 95%  of the Ubisoft game copies get pirated. This served as justification of using hyper hard DRM for their games. It doesn’t look like that they realized that some people are simply not buying (not necessary implying pirating) Ubisoft games for this specific reason.

Recently, I bought a Splinter Cell game from for a low price. I refunded it as soon as I discovered Uplay is required to play the game.

Just because the games gets a high score from gaming magazines doesn’t mean it results in people being stupid enough to see horrible DRM coming with it, especially if the DRM results in the players not being able to play the games because the Uplay servers are overloaded on  the release days, resulting in not being able to register the bought games or getting disrupted multiple times, including lost savegames (IIRC this happened to an Assassin’s Creed game(s)).

The Season Pass contains the following:

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Metro 2033 giveaway

I got some codes of Metro 2033 from the Humble Bundle giveaway left.


I am giving away these here, to qualify for a key you need to write something in the comments I need to smile or laugh about. That’s all. Good luck, guys, be creative!